The Manistee County Library

Board of Directors & Trustees

Our esteemed Library Board of Directors is a vital component of our community-driven library system.

Comprising five dedicated members, these individuals are appointed by the Manistee County Board of Commissioners to serve a five-year term. Their commitment to the library’s mission, vision, and values is a cornerstone of our success in fostering knowledge, literacy, and community engagement.

Meet our Board of Directors, a dynamic group representing diverse perspectives and skills, all with a shared passion for supporting the library’s growth and development. These community leaders actively contribute to the strategic planning and decision-making processes that shape the library’s future.

Thank you for your interest in the governance of our library. We are proud to serve the community, and the dedication of our Board of Directors is instrumental in making the Manistee County Library a thriving hub of knowledge and inspiration.

MCL Board of Trustees

Current sitting members of the Manistee County Library Board of Directors

Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 9:45 A.M. unless otherwise posted.

Raini Gilmore, Trustee
Term expires: 12/31/2027

Pamela Evans, Secretary
Term expires: 12/31/2025

Richard Blue, Treasurer
Term expires: 12/31/2024

Mark Fedder, Vice President
Term expires: 12/31/2026

Ralph Mortensen, President
Term expires: 12/31/2028

Note: Communications with the Board of Trustees are considered public records and may be subject to Freedom of Information Act Requests

Board of Directors & Trustees