The Manistee County Library

Ben Traverse: Live in the Library!

June 4, 2024 at 5:30pm

There is no registration required for this event, however seating is limited.

Ben Traverse is a young balladeer with a very wide hat who commands a wide array of instruments in their mission to bring the finest traditional folk music into the 21st century. Proud Michigander and Earthwork Music Collective member, Traverse brings a forward-thinking, communal enthusiasm to an old and rich musical tradition.

On their journey, they’ve released three albums: a totally solo collection of old time American ballads and songs in the spirit of Pete Seeger and the early Folkways Recordings catalog and two collaborative releases; one with Michael Dause (Moss Manor, Treeskin) of rollicking shanties and seafaring ballads, and the other with Nick Veine celebrating music of the Irish diaspora.

“Ben is the modern-day Pete Seeger. They’re a musical archeologist who writes songs that sound like they’re from a hundred years ago.” -The Accidentals

“As a musician, Traverse is rooted in the past, forward-thinking, and fully present. Their foundation is solid and they care deeply about music and people” -Seth Bernard