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Nestled in the charming village of Onekama, Michigan, the Onekama Branch Library is a cultural cornerstone within the Manistee County Library system. Situated at the heart of the community, the library serves as a vital hub for residents and visitors eager to explore the world of literature and knowledge.

Onekama, with its rich history dating back to the establishment of the settlement of Portage in 1845, has evolved into a community defined by its picturesque location on the northeast shore of Portage Lake. The village, surrounded by Onekama Township, derives its name from Ona-ga-maa, an Anishinaabe word meaning “singing water.” The history of Onekama is marked by the transformative event of 1871 when residents, frustrated with the practices of the Portage Sawmill, dug a channel through the narrow isthmus, connecting Portage Lake to Lake Michigan and reshaping the landscape.

The Onekama Branch Library, rooted in this history, stands as a testament to the community’s commitment to learning and cultural enrichment. Located in a village that has witnessed the construction of its first public buildings in 1880 and the establishment of vital infrastructure like schools and railroads, the library continues to play a crucial role in connecting generations to the vast world of knowledge.

As part of the Manistee County Library system, the Onekama Branch Library is a haven for intellectual curiosity and community engagement. Its shelves hold not only books but the stories and history of a village that has thrived through the passage of time. Whether you’re a resident of Onekama or a visitor captivated by its scenic beauty, the Onekama Branch Library invites you to explore its collection, participate in community events, and discover the treasures that lie within its walls.