The Manistee County Library

Spooky Stroll

The Manistee County Library is set to cast a spell on the town of Manistee this October with an enchanting event that promises to be a spine-tingling delight for families of all ages. On October 26, 2023, the library will kick off its ‘Spooky Story Stroll,’ a unique, all-day event that combines the magic of storytelling with the charm of a downtown adventure. As the leaves fall and Halloween draws near, this event offers an unforgettable opportunity to stretch your legs and immerse yourself in a world of spooks and thrills.

A Hauntingly Good Time for All Ages

The Spooky Story Stroll is designed to be a family-friendly event, meaning that everyone, from the youngest infants to our cherished seniors, can take part in this Halloween-inspired escapade. The event caters to various age groups, offering specialized programs for infants, toddlers, children, teens, and adults. It’s a day when the entire community can come together, creating cherished memories while celebrating the magic of literature.

A Downtown Adventure

The heart of this event lies in the captivating stroll through downtown Manistee. As the crisp autumn air surrounds you, you’ll embark on a journey where every step brings you closer to the next chilling chapter of a story. Starting at the 1st Street entrance of the library, participants will receive a QR code that serves as a map for the adventure. With this digital guide in hand, you can navigate your way through the hauntingly beautiful streets of Manistee.

Spooooooky Stories Await

What’s a Spooky Story Stroll without the stories? Along your journey, you’ll encounter spine-tingling tales that are sure to send shivers down your spine. These stories are specially curated to suit the age group of the participants, ensuring that everyone experiences the perfect level of thrill. The power of storytelling is harnessed to make you feel like you’re living the narrative as you stroll through the town.

Community Collaboration

The success of the Spooky Story Stroll wouldn’t be possible without the support and collaboration of downtown establishments. These local businesses have partnered with the Manistee County Library to provide an unforgettable experience. This event not only promotes literacy but also strengthens the bonds within the community. It’s a testament to how a shared love of books and stories can bring people together.

Pet-Friendly Fun

Furry family members are also invited to join the adventure, as the event is pet-friendly. Bring your dogs along for the stroll, and let them enjoy the crisp fall air as they listen to thrilling tales with you.

Available Until Halloween Night

The Spooky Story Stroll will continue to enchant Manistee residents and visitors until the end of Halloween night. This extended availability allows for flexibility, so you can enjoy the adventure on a day that suits you best.

In a world filled with gadgets and screens, the Manistee County Library’s Spooky Story Stroll offers a breath of fresh air and a chance to rediscover the magic of storytelling in a captivating way. As Halloween approaches, there’s no better time to embrace the spookiness of the season.

So, mark your calendars for October 26, 2023, and join the Manistee County Library for a spine-tingling, pet-friendly, and community-unifying adventure through the heart of Manistee. The Spooky Story Stroll promises a day of thrills, chills, and unforgettable memories for all ages, proving that books have the power to transport us to worlds beyond our imagination, even if it’s just down the enchanting streets of our own town.